Tally Prime – Product Roadmap

TCS Simplification – Expected in JFM 2021
Today you can manage your TCS calculations for sales and receipt transactions and see its impact in TCS returns. In our forthcoming releases, you will experience a much-simplified item master setup, introduction of new tax calculation methods i.e. based on ‘Realisation’ and based on amount exceeding threshold limit. Also, you will see changes in relation to 27EQ.

Report Filter – Expected in AMJ 2021
Report filters will be made so powerful that the user will be able to intuitively and flexibly apply single or multiple filters in a single screen, to get most relevant information that they are looking out for in the report.

GST Reconciliation – Expected in JAS 2021
Users will experience a smooth reconciliation experience. It will be easier for the users to compare the data in books against the data available on GST portal, providing user the confidence that the information in both systems are matching and in case of any discrepancy user will be in a position to take corrective actions.

Support for Multi-GSTIN company from single data – Expected in JAS 2021
A company with its business spread across the country is expected to have multiple GST registrations. Today such companies are creating separate data for individual branches or places of operation and at the end of the period are filing their returns from these individual data before they consolidate such data.

With the ability to create single data for multiple GST registrations, the belief is that such companies will be saved of several operational challenges and feel the convenience of filing GST returns of all GST registrations from single company data.

GSTR 4 (Annual) – Expected in JAS 2021
A dealer opting for the composition scheme is required to furnish only 1 return which is GSTR 4 once in a year by 30th of April, following a financial year. This form will be made available for the user who have opted for GST Composition scheme.

Instant opening of GST Return Reports – Expected in JAS 2021
All GST related returns reports will open in a jiffy for the users. This will ensure quicker completion of GST compliance activities.

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